Friday, 6 January 2012

Hoping all our dreams come true...

2011 was a wonderful year for me. People say that life is what you make it; and I do agree with that.

But no matter how fantastic 2011 was, here's to making 2012 even better.

I've decided to write this blog based on how fast my life seems to be travelling at the moment (anyone else feel like this too?) So much is happening this year – graduating from university, holidays, getting a full-time job, friends birthdays etc etc.

I want to record personal memories, thoughts, feelings, ideas, photographs, experiences, relationships and more. Of course, this blog will also be a way for me to express my thoughts on style, fashion, trends and beauty which I oh so love.

Let's hope 2012 is the year when all our dreams come true...



  1. This year holds alot for me too :)
    Time just seems to fly lately !
    Good luck with your year and blog :)