Thursday, 19 January 2012

tragic magic, when you can't remember feeling fantastic

I've only been back at university for one day and already I'm swamped with work. I found out that all my exams are in April as well as my coursework and my dissertation being due then too. Bye social life, hello library! At the start of last semester I coined a little phrase that my friends and I now religiously stick by:

"we'll be fine, we always are."

Not exactly the kind of quote reminiscent of Oscar Wilde or William Shakespeare, but a nice little reassurance nonetheless!

My friend and I are going charity shop/ vintage shopping tomorrow so I might do a little haul depending on what I get. I've bought a load of stuff recently so I might incorporate those purchases in it too!

Hope everyone reading this is having a nice day! Oh, and wrap up warm - it's absolutely freezing today!

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