Friday, 27 January 2012

Little Miss Sunshine

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past few weeks, you'll know that pretty pastel colours are all over the high street, subtly emulating the creations of catwalk designers. Although so pretty (and appropriately fitting for the warmer spring and summer months), I always find pastels extremely hard to style and wear. Most (if not all) of my bags and shoes are black or tan and quite frankly that's the way I like it! But it's difficult to wear head-to-toe pastel colours and NOT take out your favourite black bag. It looks odd and incomplete.

That was my mantra until I spotted these pictures of Philip Lim's outstanding pastel designs. Spot the tiny black clutch in picture 1 and the black blouse in picture 2! Have my prayers been answered? Maybe. I managed to get my hands on this gorgeous, pastel green blazer from the Oxfam website for a ridiculous £3.79 (perhaps the best bargain ever?) and I had to have it. It's oversized for a casual feel and has a really lovely little draw-string detail at the back which I feels makes it more contemporary. I rolled the sleeves up and cut the shoulder-pads out (I feel bad for doing this to such a excellent condition vintage item but they were HUGE!)

(Urgh, my photography skills are so bad - this looks like a bad eBay ad!)

I'm probably going to style it with black denims, a black top and boots and just wear the jacket with light pastel nails and minimal make-up. Or with a white off the shoulder tshirt and distressed vintage Levi shorts. So much more practical and wearable than these high-fashion (albiet, gorgeous) ensembles straight off the catwalk.

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