Friday, 6 January 2012

Lustlist - A girl can dream...

Ever go through a stage where you just want to buy everything you see? Well, I am currently going through such a stage and my purse cannot handle it! Justifyably, my current "lustlist" is full to the brim of practicle buys; a pair of leather chelsea boots to add to my collection and a khaki coat (seeing as we still have the wrath of a Scottish winter to endure.)

Not my most materialistic lustlist but I WANT, WANT, WANT all the same!

From Top Left:

Khaki Parka
Vintage Levi Denim Jacket
Tartan Scarf
Navy & White Striped T-Shirt
Oversized Mulberry Alexa
Floral Dress
Chelsea Boots
Underground Creepers
Ear Cuff
Silver Collar
Moschino Belt

A girl can dream... 


  1. Just seen a tartan scarf in the asos sale ! (link below :)

  2. The Mulberry Alexa is eternally on my lust list too!x

  3. Oh hey Mulberry bag! Think this is on every girls list.x