Wednesday, 18 January 2012

No money? No problem! Chiconomics Lesson #1.

Every year I tell myself that I'll keep a little bit of money aside for the long, dark, cold and utterly horrible month that is January. I truly overspent this Christmas but I suppose it is worth it when you see the people you love opening their lovely gifts (whist you helplessly sit there, smiling through gritted teeth wondering why you spent so much on every single last person - just me? I doubt it!)

When it comes to January, there's the temptation of bargains calling your name from the sales racks and new lines enticing you towards that coveted spring/summer wardrobe. And if you're on a student budget like me, you'll know it's not exactly easy to resist.

I'm stilling lusting after a hundred and one items for my wardrobe but with approximately £18 in my bank account, what is a girl to do?

So, I decided to be smart. I thought I'd have a go at vamping up a few items that I already own.

One of my favourite shirts was first up. I bought a pack of gold coloured card corners from eBay for a couple of pounds and stuck them on to the collar of this silk Topshop blouse and I have to say I'm so pleased with the result.

Next, I took the remainder of the card corners and added them to the gorgeous little notepad that I bought for my new semester at University. The notepad was £5 from Tesco, however I do feel that I've transformed it into something that looks a lot more expensive. And, I LOVE that no one else will have it!

I then customised an old pair of Topshop black skinny jeans by laying my favourite Levi denim shorts on top and cutting the jeans into the same shape. I frayed the bottom with a cheese grater (random, but it does the trick exceptionally well) and stuck a embroidered ribbon through the belt loops. A brand new pair of shorts!

Customising your wardrobe is a great way to vamp up what you already own, especially on a student budget! I'm really pleased with the results and have a lot more ideas :) I can't wait. It's so much better knowing that no one at uni, college, work etc will be wearing the same clothes as you, which I always find pretty annoying!

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  1. What a simple yet great idea for that shirt, I'm amazed and inspired!

    Hannah xoxo