Sunday, 8 January 2012

Ombrè, Ombrè

I realise that this has been done to the death but I wanted to give my opinion and experiences regarding ombré hair.

In my opinion, the ultimate hair trend in 2011 was ombrè (or dip dyed) hair. For those who don't know what ombrè hair is, it can be described as a gradient effect of your hair going from dark (at the roots) to light at the tips. It's safe to say that this key hair trend was captured brilliantly by a number of style bloggers over the past year. Celebrities and models have also given ombrè hair a go with the likes of Rachel Bilson, Leighton Meester and Alexa Chung rocking the look:

In October, I wanted to give this look a try. I've always been quite boring with my hair - albeit, I have sported every shade of brown imaginable and a dodgy set of blonde locks. Upon seeing a few people in university with this look, I could see that it was extremely wearable and I just had to have it. It adds a certain edginess to outfits, which I love. After much research and deliberation, I decided to to have a bash at DIY ombrè. Although successful, the lightened tips of my hair were pretty ginger and brassy and it look an expensive trip to Salon Services (and a day off uni) to fix it. Regrettably, the whole process ended up costing me a fortune and I would have been much better off in both money and time if I had just gone to a salon and had it done professionally. My hair is now very dry and I've had to trim it a few times to maintain a healthy condition. I am however, still completely in love with it and cannot recommend it enough.

Here's a few pictures of my DIY ombrè hair:

The ombrè look I have is quite coppery in tone, which I personally really like. I am unsure as to whether to get rid of this any time soon. As mentioned, my hair is damaged. If I do dye my hair a solid brown colour, I may revert back to ombrè in the near future. It is gorgeous and quite unique in terms of how many people actually have it.

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